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Trade Only for enquires. The plants listed are part of an on going breeding and selection program, set up by Bushland Flora and Goldup Nursery. Varieties are selected for their horticultural value to withstand tough conditions from wetland species to drought tolerant plants that are low maintenance, compact and remain attractive.

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Image Genus species, Common name, Min to Max Height(Metres) x Min to Max Width(Metres) Label
native plant growerAcacia pravissima nana 'Golden Glow'australian plant

1 to 1.5 m high x 1.5 to 2 m wide

A small compact form of Acacia pravissima with grey/green foliage and a mass display of golden flowers in Spring.

native plant growerAcacia pravissima prostrate 'Kuranga Cascade'australian plant

Prostrate x 1.5 m wide

A prostrate form of Acacia with grey/ green foliage and a showy display of brilliant yellow flowers occurring in late Winter - early Spring.

native plant growerAdenanthos pungens subsp. effusus 'Coral Cover'australian plant

Prostrate x 1 m wide

A prostrate form of Adenanthos from the Sterling Ranges. It forms a thick carpet of mid green needle-like foliage and pale pink to bright pink flowers on the tips of the branches.

native plant growerAdenanthos sericeus compact 'Dwarf Woolly Bush'australian plant

1 m high x 1 m wide

Dwarf Woolly Bush is an attractive small shrub with its silver/ green woolly soft foliage and tiny pale red flowers in spring.

native plant growerAgonis flexuosa dwarf 'Swan River Babe'australian plant

1 to 1.5 m high x 1 to 1.5 m wide

Swan River Babe is a selected miniature form of Agonis flexuosa which is a native to the Swan River area of Western Australia. It has proved very adaptable to differing climates and soil types across Australia. It has lance shaped leaves and white flowers appear in late spring.

native plant growerAjuga australis prostrate form 'Aussie Bugle'australian plant

0.1 m high x 0.3 m wide

A dense ground cover with deep green tinged foliage and mauve flower spikes, sitting just above the foliage, in summer.

native plant growerAjuga australis upright form 'Australian Bugle'australian plant

0.1 to 0.3 m high x 1 to 3 m wide

A dense ground cover with deep green tinged foliage and mauve flower spikes, sitting high above the foliage in summer.

native plant growerAllocasuarina verticillata dwarf 'Noodles'australian plant

0.5 to 1 m high x 0.5 m wide

Noodles is a low growing form of Allocasuarina verticillata with grey/ green wiry foliage and makes an interesting addition to the garden.

native plant growerAustrodanthonia syn.(Danthonia) caespitosa blue form 'Wallaby Blue'australian plant

0.2 to 0.4 m high x 0.4 to 0.14 m wide

A perennial, blue-tinged tussock grass occurring naturally in plains grassland, red gum woodland, valley sclerophyll forest and tea-tree heath lands.

native plant growerAustrostipa syn.(Stipa) stipoides 'Coast or Prickly Spear Grass'australian plant

1 m high x 0.5 m wide

A coastal tussock grass with soft length leaves and whitish flowering spikes to 1m in spring.

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