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Trade Only for enquires. The plants listed are part of an on going breeding and selection program, set up by Bushland Flora and Goldup Nursery. Varieties are selected for their horticultural value to withstand tough conditions from wetland species to drought tolerant plants that are low maintenance, compact and remain attractive.

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Image Genus species, Common name, Min to Max Height(Metres) x Min to Max Width(Metres) Label
native plant growerGrevillea junperina x rhyolitica 'Sunkissed'australian plant

prostrate x 0.5 to 0.75 m wide

native plant growerGrevillea lanigera pink 'Pink Woolly'australian plant

0.5 to 1 m high x 1.00 m wide

Pink Woolly is a select form of Grevillea lanigera with a showy display of profuse pink flowers during late winter to early spring.

native plant growerGrevillea nudiflora 'Curvy Tops'australian plant

Prostrate x 1.00 m wide

Found at Point Ann in the Fitzgerald River National Park WA. A small shrub with long, dark green foliage and clusters of red and yellow flowers occurring on leafless branches from autumn to spring. Attractive to honey eating birds when in flower.

native plant growerGrevillea obtusifolia (flowering form) 'Ruby Gem'australian plant

Prostrate x 1.00 to 2.00 m wide

Ruby Gem is a select low, hardy form of Grevillea obtusifolia. The flowers which are spider-like red with green stamens occur during spring and can be hidden by the foliage of the plant.

native plant growerGrevillea obtusifolia selection 'Gin Gin Jewel GR120013 PBR pending'australian plant

.3 to .5 m high x 2.5 to 4 m wide

native plant growerGrevillea rosmarinifolia dwarf 'Rosie Dwarf'australian plant

0.6 m high x 1.00 m wide

A small compact shrub with a dense habit, rosemary like foliage and red flowers during winter and spring.

native plant growerHardenbergia comptoniana 'White Lace'australian plant

Climber x 0.00 m wide

A moderately vigorous climber with deep green foliage and a mass display of stark white flowers in spring.

native plant growerHibbertia truncata low form 'Hibbertia truncata low form'australian plant

0.3 m high x 1.00 m wide

A dense mat forming groundcover with mid green foliage and bright yellow flowers occurring in spring and summer.

native plant growerHymenosporum flavum dwarf 'Lushious HF001 PBR 'australian plant

.4 to .6 m high x 1 to 1.5 m wide

native plant growerIsopogon formosus x dubius 'Pink Profusion'australian plant

0.3 to 0.5 m high x 0.50 m wide

A compact small shrub with grey divided foliage and large rose pink flowers in spring.

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