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Persicaria decipiens

Genus Species: Persicaria decipiens

Common / Product Name: Slender Knotweed


Available Sizes

Height x Width: 0.3m x 0.15m

Pruning: None

Frost Tolerance: High

Clay & Heavy Soil Tolerance: Wetland Species

Coastal Tolerance: Low

Drought Tolerance: Low

Origin: Australian Plant

Evergreen: Herbaceous perennial

Flowering: starts: Summer / ends: Autumn

Flower Colour: Deep Pink

Irrigation: Wetland species

Lower Temperatures: Once established has good tolerance to cold. Temperatures as low as -5°C, leaves will burn however plant has good recover. To rejuvenate growth cut back after frost period is over.

Upper Temperatures: Temperatures to the Mid 30’s°C to Low 40’s°C.

Fertilising: No fertilizer.

Environment: Plants selected suitable for Melbourne surrounds and southern states of Australia.

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