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Ptilotus exaltatus

Genus Species: Ptilotus exaltatus

Common / Product Name: Joey


Available Sizes

Height x Width: 0.3 – 0.35m x 0.30 – 0.30m

Pruning: Remove spent flowers annually

Frost Tolerance: Low

Clay & Heavy Soil Tolerance: Well Drained

Coastal Tolerance: Medium

Drought Tolerance: Medium

Origin: Australian Plant

Evergreen: Herbaceous perennial

Flowering: starts: Summer

Flower Colour: Lilac

Irrigation: Requires good drainage, will require watering over long dry periods.

Lower Temperatures: Temperatures as low as -3°C. This plant becomes dormant until conditions are suitable.

Upper Temperatures: Temperatures to the Mid 30’s°C to Low 40’s°C.

Fertilising: Slow release low phosphorus fertilizer.

Environment: Plants selected suitable for Melbourne surrounds and southern states of Australia.

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